Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New NEWS!

Happy 2012!

After almost a year away from the blogging world, I am ready to post again.  I found blogging (and reading them) was taking so much precious time away from the things most important to me!  We were also struggling to make a very important decision and it took a very long time, many tears, and many prayers to be where we are today.  Comfortable and at peace with our decision.  What decision you ask?  I will let the picture do the talking:

(photo credit Melissa Rae Photography)
Cayden is going to be a big brother!

Our little bean is due to arrive sometime around July 16, 2012 and we are beyond thrilled! I am so excited for everything this new year will bring our little family!

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  1. I was so pleasantly surprised to see your post appear in my Google Reader! WOW Cayden has grown, what a cute little man. :) I hope he's been doing well health-wise! My own little CFer, Gwena, became a big sister in September (to little bro Gareth, no CF). Congratulations!!