Saturday, March 5, 2011

where we've been

Cayden has been sick.  Sick since the end of january.  It started as a cold with congestion and runny nose and stayed like that until about 2 weeks ago when it turned into a nasty cough.  That progressed into a lethargic little boy that would eat, drink, or play.   I called the respirologist on call and they put him on Bactrim.  5 days later, still sick, worse even.   Called again and we were advised to go to the ER in town and after a long wait, antibiotics were switched to cefprozil.  Two days later, cough seemed to be gone and Cayden was relatively happy when I left for work. Upon arrival home, found out that Cayders had a fever and was vomitting.  The lethargy was back and the fever never left.  So, last wednesday we went into children's and found out Cayden has lost a little weight and his o2 sats were between 80-85 which is not great.  He was given steroids orally and with ventolin and rechecked and the sats were about the same.  Cayden also had an xray and it didn't show pneumonia (thankfully) and it was decided that he should be admitted.  I practically begged them not to, and his doctor finally agreed with me that it was okay to send us home as long as I promised to drive like heck to the city if something happened. 

Soooo, our house has been sleepless and teething hasn't helped the sleep situation either....Cayden  has sprouted 4! new teeth in the past 2 weeks.  Cayden only wants to sleep in my bed and wakes every 1/2 hour.  I am exhausted.

I am however, working on Cayden's Great Strides 2011 video and will register the team soon.  Yay!

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