Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cayden eats!

Lately I have been trying extra hard to get Cayden to eat but also still healthy and homemade.  Because he has been sick, it has been a challenge to get him to eat at all.  I have been trying lots of new recipes that we all can eat, but modifying Cayden's portion to add all the extra calories, fat, and salt that he needs.  I came across a great food blog that referred to me by my sister:   It is filled with lots of kid and adult friendly ideas to get your kids eating.   So far, everything I have tried from it is super easy and delicious too!  

Cayden loves the Nutella Pancakes with Raspberry sauce and the Spinach pesto.  We tried the chili, but he didn't like that so much, but I loved it!  

{Spinach and Pistachio Pesto}

{Nutella Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce}


  1. Did you try the chili mac and cheese with your leftover chili? Emily didn't eat a ton of the chili but she plowed through the chili mac and cheese. Not gonna lie- I loved it too.

  2. Yes we tried it! And he didn't eat a thing...but I am pretty sure that he just wasn't feeling too good. It's okay though, because I ate his share :)