Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going Private

I orginally started sharing our journey with CF to help keep our family and friends updated on Cayden. Then, I began to meet other CFers and CF moms.  It became a great outlet for advice and hope into Cayden's future.

I also knew that everything we put on here is available to anyone.  I tried my best to keep names of hospitals and Doctors out of it, to try and keep a little bit private.  I did not realize the types of creeps out there, ones who like pictures of babies in diapers, etc.  I am disgusted. 

I hoped that sharing our story might help other new moms of CF but unfortunatly it has attracted some of the scum of the earth.  

Lately I have received some creepy calls and friend requests on facebook.  So, in order to protect my family and give Cayden some privacy, I will be making this blog private in a week. If you would still like to read our blog, leave me your email and who you are and I will add you to the reading list. 

Thank you to everyone who has shared positively in Cayden's journey this far.

Once the blog is private I will be updating a little more.

I know that it is a pain in the butt to read private blogs, but I hope you will keep reading.


  1. Would love to keep following your blog. My name is Jenny and I am a fellow CF mom. Hate to hear you have had trouble with creepers. I think you already follow our blog - Keeping Up With the Jones'.

  2. SO bummed you have to go private but I understand. Can you keep me on? I'll FB you my email...are we FB friends?