Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Cayden!

Cayden turned one on October 10th! 

Being born on the10th means that Cayden's birthday will almost always fall on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  Daddy had to work so we had a little celebration at Thanksgiving Dinner with my parents and brother.  We didn't do much other than cake but I don't think Cayden cared!  Being the organized mom that I am, 15 minutes before the grocery store closes the night befor the party I decide that I should make a cake for Cayden.  This cake in fact.    First task-buying ripe bananas.  I found out that it is near impossible to buy a ripe banana!  Next task:  realizing I don't have enough round cake pans.  I had to get creative to make the "smash" cake.  3 hours later, I had baked, cooled, carved, and put a crumb coat on the cakes!  What was I thinking?  :)

Here are the "masterpieces"
One two layer monkey cake with chocolate buttercream icing and one "smash" cake for the birthday boy:

Once Cayden got into it I think he really liked it, especially once the sugar hit his bloodstream!

 {I swear my kid wears clothes}

We had a big party the next weekend with lots of family and Daddy!  Cayden was absolutley worn out after, and he crashed at 6pm only to wake at 1am ready to play!  It was safe to say that it was the worst night in the history of Cayden!  :)  We were driving around the town at 3 trying desperatly to get him to sleep!

I couldn't help but reflect back on this past year. And and what a year it has been!  It has been heartbreaking, exhausting, wonderful, and amazing.  Cayden has changed and grown and so have we.  

We have come a long way from the new parents sitting in the doctors office hearing those terrifying, gut-wrenching words for the first time.  We have learned so much about CF and about what really matters most.  No longer am I focusing on the "why did this happen to me/Cayden..." but thinking "why not us?" and "why not Cayden?" 

I am trying not to worry about the challenges that we will have to face in the future, but trying to live in the now and remember that whatever comes Cayden's way, we will face it together.

We are truely enjoying Cayden for the clever, big hearted, beautiful soul he is.  We have learned that family is more important than anything and so is love.  Lots of people call Cayden "my Cayden" and I don't mind!  I want Cayden to have so, so much love in his life. 

We are so grateful to the family and friends who we have come to rely on this past year.  I am also so grateful for the Online CF community for the advice, insight and hope.  You have all made such a difference in our lives.   

We are so blessed to have you Cayden. We love you forver and ever! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Family

Just wanted to share the link to the slideshow from our family photos this year.

We are busy celebrating Cayden's 1st (first?!!) birthday with a family party last week and a big family party tomorrow.   One big birthday post to come!

Hopefully I can update about Cayden's latest clinic visit on the 5th and some things that are happening there.

We are also busy enjoying the last days of fall before the snow comes (although we had some yesterday), running after Cayden (he is walking now!), and just spending lots of time together as a family.

{Our little monkey and his monkey cake)

Lots of love