Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cayden 8 Months and 9 Months Old!

Cayden's 8 Month Pictures:

At 8 Months Cayden is:
Almost crawling
Saying da-da-da-da-da-da
Pulling himself to stand (June 12th)
Feeding himself finger foods and favorites are still chicken, steak, fish and cereal

9 Month Pictures:

At 9 Months Cayden:
Is crawling (as of the 6th of July)
Walks around furniture
Loves standing
Still really likes to eat chicken and steak!
Favorite toys are his ball and the phones.
Loves to dance, especially to "California Girls"

Cayden is changing so much everyday, he is no longer my little baby!  I love watching him grow and discover new things.  Since he has learned to crawl, Cayden has found a new sense of independence and he loves it.  He love opening drawers and cupboards and investigating their contents. We will be buying a baby gate asap!