Sunday, May 23, 2010

tough cf day

having a tough day cystic fibrosis day. my little Cayden was up late last night screaming in pain because he had another rectal  prolapse. no mother should have to try and soothe their baby while they push his rectum back in.  everytime he would try to pass gass or stools he would push so hard and just scream in pain.  all i could do was hold him and last night, cry with him.  i had one of those "it's not fair" moments and i hate getting like that.  the "why was he given this ugly battle to face? why does he have to have pain almost everytime he poops, why? why? why?"  sometimes i look into his innocent little eyes and wonder what his life has in store for him, how will i raise him right and tell him about this disease.  how will i stay strong for him when i can barely hold it together sometimes? what if i loose him? 

right now Cayden's diagnosis is still so fresh.  there is so much we don't know and we are still learning how to cope with it all.  we try and stay positive but honestly we still avoid the harsh reality of it and its still too hard to talk or think about sometimes.  maybe one day we will get there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

7 Months

My Cutie is 7 months old today!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back Carry

This is my first attempt at carrying Cayden on my back with the BabyHawk.  Cayden loved it and was giggling the whole time and he felt pretty comfortable but I am not sure if I am wearing him right and if  he was high enough, do any of you expert babywearers have any suggestions?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Solid Start!

Cayden is starting to really enjoy eating solids.  He has been interested in what we have been eating and drinking for over 2 months now but just never wanted to eat "baby food."  After taking a break from trying, we gave him some ground up fish mixed with some milk and he gobbled it right up!  Since then, we have tried lots of different foods but chicken, fish, and rice cereal are his favorites!  I have been making Cayden's baby food but I am not really freezing any of it,  usually we just puree whatever meat we are having and give it to him and it works fine.  The information we were given on solids by the dietician says that they shouldn't need to be fed a really pureed texture for too long, only about a month, so we are trying to thicken things up a bit!  We add salt and either formula or pumped breastmilk to the food to puree it with to give it some extra calories!