Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Work Out From Home

  I think this workout video will be great to help me get my pre-baby bod back!   ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


**Warning: this is an entire post about poop, do not read while consuming food or before a mealtime!

Never did I ever imagine that I would become so obsessed with my childs poop!  We keep track of how many stools/ day, the amount of poop in each diaper, the color, the consistency, if it is "greasy,"  if Cayden has to strain, even the smell!  Fun, Fun!!  Every doctor in clinic asks us all these questions about his stools, so we have to be prepared for the answers. So, I keep track in my day planner!  lol   :)

Stools tell us if Cayden is getting the right amount of enzymes needed for digestion.  If his poops are really greasy and are smelling more foul than normal, it could indicate he is not getting enough enzymes. 

Because pancreatic enzymes do not completely correct the digestion of fats, fat soluble vitamens (A,D,E, and K) are poorly absorbed.  Therefore, Cayden takes aquADEK (get it?)  vitamen solution everyday.  Well,  aquADEK vitamens stain.  They stink.  And they stain.  They taste gross. Did I mention they STAIN!  They are a lovely orange color.  They stain your skin and clothes when we give Cayden his vitamens.  They also stain his spit up and even his poop!  I have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing works so I have just accepted that all his clothes willl have orange stains down the front and at the butt!  The only solution I can think of is to put Cayden in orange clothes!  :)

I know these pictures are TMI but this is just an example of our blowouts on an almost daily basis (luckily this wasn't a ''vitamen poo!''  This happened only seconds after I heard him poop!  They seriously don't make diapers that go high enough in the back for my kids poo-splosions:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cayden's Chest Physiotherapy

In order to prevent infections and to maintain good function in Cayden's lungs, we do chest therapy twice every day.  The goal of his chest therapy is to loosen out the thick mucus that clogs the airways and harbors bacteria.  Because Cayden cannot clear the mucus on his own, we perform the "postural drainage" for him.   Cayden is placed in certain postitions depending on the region of the chest to be drained, and "clapped" over the lobes of the lungs.  Each CPT (chest physiotherapy) session takes us about 30 min.

In the beginning, giving Cayden CPT was great--he would fall asleep every time! The clapping seemed to soothe him and it would work great to calm him down if he was fussy.  However, for the past 2 1/2 weeks he SCREAMS the entire time.  Now that he is stronger, he fights and squirms like is amazing how strong he is!  I have no idea how to calm's become a nightmare and I dread doing it every day. 

I have tried singing, talking to him, we read him stories...anything to try and distract him.  I have even tried letting him watch TV even though I always said I would never let my baby watch tv.  The tv works for only a few minutes until I have to change positions and it starts again!  Any ideas?

I know we just have to push through it, but it is so hard hearing him cry like that. He gets so frantic his face turns purple! It makes me feel so terrible that he has this disease and has to go through all this and he doesn't understand why mommy is doing this to him.

Hopefully it gets better soon.

Here are some pictures of Cayden during CPT during the happier times.  He is wearing his onesie that his physiotherapist gave us to help us learn where to "clap" him.  I think he looks pretty stinkin' cute in it:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Cayden!

My little Cayden Boy, 3 months old!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CF Clinic Visit

After a 2 1/2 hour drive in the snow, we made it to the city just a little bit late for his liver ultrasound. He had to fast for it, which is never fun for anyone, but he did so well.  He didn't cry at all and was actually smiling throughout it.  Anyways, the u/s showed that Cayden has a coarse liver.  I am not really sure what that means, I forgot to ask (I always think of questions after).  His gastroenterologist was going to take a closer look at the u/s and then probably prescribe him Urso next week.  Does anyone have any experience with this or know what a coarse liver is?

His labs from 3 weeks ago all came back good; his liver enzymes have come back down and normalized themselves.  He also grew 3.5 cm and now and gained a pound since last time as well!  Yay!
His stats:
Age: 9 weeks
Weight: 5090g (11.1lbs.)
Height: 57.8cm (22 3/4 inches)

Age: 3 months
Weight: 5600g (12.3 lbs)
Height: 61 cm

They are most concerned about his stools though.  Cayden has had diarrhea since before Christmas and is still straining so much to go.  He has a rectal prolapse when he strains hard.  The C-diff test came back negative so they are trying to figure out what's causing it.  He still maintains good fluid intake and lots of wet diapers and he is still a happy baby in between bowel movements.  They prescribed him another round of Metronidazole and we are to update the doctors on any improvements.

His Dietitian upped his enzymes up to 1 full capsule every other feeding to hopefully help the poo and also to try and get a longer period of time in between feedings.  As of now, he is eating every 2 hours during the day.  In the evenings he is cluster feeding every hour still.  Hopefully that helps out.

We met with his respirologist and his lungs are sounding clear, despite a cough that has gotten a little worse this past week.  They prescribed him a round of Zithromax for that. 

The clinic social worker also stopped by and gave us the number to another couple with a young CFer that lives in our area, so it will be nice to connect with them!  The clinic social worker's role is to provide support and counselling to help decrease the impact of CF on family life.  The social worker also has given us information on the Canada Child Disability tax credit and other financial resourses. 

Cayden also got his RSV shot, he did sooo well with it!
That's all that we have to update on Cayden for now!  We are so lucky to have such a good baby!