Monday, November 30, 2009

Timeline of the last 2 months...

Oct 10
Cayden's Birthday! yay!
Cayden transported to NICU, Daddy goes with. Mommy recovers from surgery.

Oct 11
Mommy misses her baby and husband :(
NICU Doctors try to figure out what is causing Cayden's stridor.

Oct 12
Mom gets transported to recover in same hospital as baby!
Mom gets to see her sweet little boy! First Feed.
Still no word on what's up with his breathing.
First hair cut (for IV)
Umbilical stump has growing redness around it. Start on antibiotics.

Oct 13
ENT (ear, nose, throat) Doctor comes to look at Cayden's trachea. The camera is too big for a little baby nose. Rescheduled for 2 days at the Children's Hospital.

Oct 14
Genetic Councillor looks at Cayden and determines his chin is normal and not recessed. Because there are no known genetic problems in the family, decides against any testing.

Oct 15
No more room in the maternity ward for mom so discharged.
Bronchoscopy and Laryngoscopy at the Children's Hospital. Shows Cayden has a slight Tracheal Malasia and Subglottic Stenosis. The subglottic stenosis is causing his stridor.

Oct. 17
Cayden discharged from NICU.
Happy to be home with our sweet Cayden boy!

Oct. 19
Appointment with family Doctor. Everything good other than he lost a little too much birth weight and was not gaining despite constantly feeding every 2 hours for at least 1hr. A TON of poopy green diapers too!
Start supplementing with pumped milk and formula to give mom a break.

Oct. 22
Health nurse visit. Concern with the amount of weight lost.

Oct. 26
Visit to health unit to be weighed. Lost weight from last time. (and still eating ALL THE TIME! and always STARVING!)

Oct. 28
Visit to health unit to be weighed. Up only 50 grams.

Oct. 29
Appointment with family Doctor because of failure to thrive. NMS(newborn metabolic screen) results not in yet. Doctor mentions CF as a possibility.

Nov. 2
Dr.'s office calls us to come in. NMS results in and show Cayden is high risk for CF. Appointment made with CF clinic at the Children's Hospital.

Nov. 4
Sweat Chloride test.
Positive for CF
Meet Cayden's wonderful CF team.
Cayden admitted for antibiotic treatment for some fluid in his lungs.
Started on pancreatic enzymes.

Nov. 5
Gained 2 oz!
Started meetings with Dietician, Physiotherapist, and the rest of his team.
CPT 4x/day

Nov. 7
Discharged early due to risk exposing H1N1 to Cayden.
Home Again!

Nov. 17
First CF clinic.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cayden's Arrival

At the end of February I found out I was pregnant...I was in complete shock. Adding a child to our family was not in our "5 year plan." Also, I had just come off hormone therapy that put me through a false menopause to shrink a uterine fibroid that was removed in January 2009. I had been informed that it could take months, sometimes a full year to become fertile again after discontinuing the hormones. SO needless to say it was a big surprise!

(38 weeks along)
I loved being pregnant! I had a very easy pregnancy with no big complications or concerns. I never got morning sickness and felt great other than the normal back pain/tiredness during the last few weeks. We had no reason to worry and felt we were low risk, so we turned down any screening tests we were offered. We did however, find out that we were having a boy! We became more and more excited to meet him every day.
Labour started at 7:30pm on Friday, October 9. I felt my first contraction just after I had gotten off the phone with my mom. I had been complaining that I had no signs or symptoms of labour and I was getting frustrated! I started timing the contractions and they ranged from 7-10 minutes apart. I didn't worry too much about it because I expected them to be very far apart or irregular and eventually go away. I didn't even tell Phil I was having contractions yet because I didn't want to worry him or get him excited over nothing. I just finished the dishes, folded the laundry, and finished packing my labour bag. By that time, the contractions were getting a little stronger and were now around 5-6 min apart. At around 11:30pm, Phil came upstairs for bed and I mentioned to him that I was having contractions and they were 5 mins apart and 30-45 seconds long.... He was kind of ticked that I never told him but super excited and he started timing them for me. By then I was definitely having to focus to get through the contractions but I felt like I was handling them well. I decided to have a bath, which was really relaxing and after tried to get some sleep. At around 3:30am, they were 3 minutes apart and 45 seconds long but I was still feeling like I was doing well at home but decided I better call the hospital just to let them know. The nurse said I could come in if I really wanted to but said I sounded fine so I could stay at home longer. I tried to rest for another 1 1/2 hours and finally Phil made me go to the hospital! I felt fine, was dealing well so I wanted to stay home for a little more but Phil was getting worried so we went....
We got to the hospital around 5:00am and the nurse told me that there was no way I was in true labour because I didn't look like a woman in labour but she'd check just to make me feel better. She checked and I wasn't even a fingertip dilated! She did the little swab for amniotic fluid and it came out positive so she called my Dr. who admitted me and said he'd come in a couple of hours to check on me. At 7am he checked me but said my cervix was still really high and he could barely tell how dilated I was. He called another Dr. to come check me and that Dr. said i was 1cm dilated but there was a large amount of fluid between my cervix and the baby. 30 min later they came back and said I needed to go to labour and delivery because they were going to break my water and I should have the baby by noon! I was super excited because I thought that at the rate I was going I'd have the baby in another couple of days

(fun times in L & D)
They were worried if they broke my water too fast, the baby's head would drop too quickly, so they tried to control it. All I remember is them telling me there must be 10 pounds of fluid in there....sweeeeet. The Doc checked me and it turns out I was 8 cm! After that, my contractions got really intense and painful really fast. They were now 2 min and 60-90 sec long. After about two hours of this I was fully dilated and they told me that the baby hadn't dropped at all and that there was no way the baby would be able to come out this way...I would need a c-section. After that, everything happened so fast. I was told I would be put under and that crushed me. I lost focus of my breathing and the pain became so unbearable I was begging to get some drugs! That's the last thing I remember....

(First look)

I woke up to hearing my little boy 'snorting away.' I couldn't open my eyes but I could hear him. I remember Phil asking if I could see our son and I said "No, but I can smell him" We named him Cayden Phillip Henry Tuckwell. He was born at 12:25pm and was 8lbs 6oz and 19.5''. He couldn't of been more perfect!

(Cayden and Daddy)

First Post

Because I started this blog and Cayden is already close to 2 months old, I will write a few posts on what has happened so far to keep things organized!